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The Flower Kings - New Compilation CD out on Inside Out - June 26th.

6th May 2007
The double CD album will be released on June 26th in USA and probably around that date in Europe too. The title of the album is "Road Back Home" and it contain 27 songs, spanning from 1995 to 2006. It focus on the more melodic and groovy or shorter tracks, means less fusion and more melody and moody tracks. All songs are transferred carefully to 24 bit digital, remixed, quite a few of them have different solos and some added backingvocals and there's even a totally unreleased track, plus the full version of our take on Genesis classic "Cinema Show"

It comes in a nice slipcase and there will be a 20 page booklet that have archive photos, comments on each song, recording data and anekdotes by yours truely.

All remixed, re-arranged, remastered and I might add, with quite a nice result on most and even a stunning sonic result on a few. Prepare with a good set of headphones and your favourite tea. (This one might even appeal to your wife or mother in law or the guys at work)

The Flower Kings - Road Back Home (2007)     

   Disc One (77:49)

  1. Cosmic Lover
  2. A Kings Prayer
  3. Stupid Girl
  4. Cosmic Circus
  5. Babylon
  6. Paradox Hotel
  7. World Without A Heart
  8. Church Of Your Heart
  9. Vox Humana
  10. What If God Is Alone
  11. Starlight Man
  12. Grand Old World
  13. The Road Back Home
  14. Cinema Show

   Disc Two (75:59)

  1. Ghost Of The Red Cloud
  2. Painter
  3. I Am The Sun (p2)
  4. Different People
  5. Little Deceiver*
  6. Chickenfarmer Song
  7. The Rhythm Of The Sea
  8. Touch My Heaven
  9. Life Will Kill You
  10. Monkey Business
  11. Compassion
  12. The Flower King
  13. Stardust We Are (end section)
* unreleased track from Rainmaker sessions.

Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura CD - Featuring Mike Portnoy (2007)

21st January 2007
Neal Morse will be releasing his latest masterpiece "Sola Scriptura" in Europe on February 26th, 2007 and in the USA on March 6th, 2007. This will be Neal's 4th progressive rock solo release, following the highly acclaimed albums "?", "One" and "Testimony". The line-up will again feature Mike Portnoy on drums and Randy George bass, with the addition of special guest Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) on guitar. The tracklisting will be as follows:
Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura
  1. The Door (29:14)
    1. Introduction
    2. In The Name Of God
    3. All I Ask For
    4. Mercy for Sale
    5. Keep Silent
    6. Upon The Door
  2. The Conflict (25:00)
    1. Do You know My Name?
    2. Party to the Lie
    3. Underground
    4. Two Down, One to Go
    5. The Vineyard
    6. Already Home
  3. Heaven In My Heart (5:11)
  4. The Conclusion (16:34)
    1. Randy's Jam
    2. Long Night's Journey
    3. Re-Introduction
    4. Come Out Of Her
    5. Clothed With The Sun
    6. In Closing...
For more information about "Sola Scriptura" and Neal Morse, please visit Neal's official website.

Pre-order "Sola Scriptura" at (USA).

Pre-order "Sola Scriptura" at (Europe, Free Shipping).

Flower Kings - Instant Delivery DVD (2006)

24th September 2006
On September 25th, 2006, Inside Out will be releasing the new Flower Kings double DVD "Instant Delivery". The double DVD contains the full concert that was recorded on April 19th, 2006 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This release will also be available as a limited edition in a lavish DVD coverpak with 2 DVDs, 2CD's plus a 20 page booklet.

The Flower Kings - Instant Delivery (2006)

   DVD 1

  1. Paradox Hotel
  2. Hit Me With A Hit
  3. Last Minute On Eart
  4. In The Eyes Of The World
  5. Jealousy
  6. What If God Is Alone
  7. Pioneers Of Aviation
  8. Love Supreme
  9. The Truth Will Set You Free

   DVD 2

  1. Touch My Heaven
  2. Mommy Leave The Light On
  3. End On A High Note
  4. Life Will Kill You
  5. I Am The Sun
  6. Blade Of Cain
  7. A Kings Prayer
  8. Stardust We Are
Contains the full concert that was recorded on April 19th, 2006 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Available in Pal and NTSC.


Roine Stolt (Guitars, Vocals)
Tomas Bodin (Keyboards, Vocals)
Jonas Reingold (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
Hans Froberg (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion)
Marcus Liliequist (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Dream Theater SCORE 3CD and 2DVD

24th September 2006
Dream Theater's latest live CD and DVD "SCORE" was released on August 29th, 2006, on Rhino Records. The 3-CD and 2-DVD sets are available seperately. Both versions contain the entire "20th Anniversary World Tour" grand finale recorded live at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 1st 2006. (nearly 3 hours of music - over 90 minutes of which was performed with a full orchestra)

The DVD also contains a 1 hour Documentary tracking the entire career of the band from the very beginnings at the Berklee College Of Music in 1985 all the way to the Radio City Music Hall grand finale. Including rare never before seen footage and interviews with current and previous members of the band. Also included on the DVD are several live Bonus Tracks from through the years taken from the Portnoy Archives.

Transatlantic "Building The Bridge" and "Live In America" on DVD available now!

12th February 2006
Transatlantic - Building The Bridge / Live In America DVD "Last year, when they were working on Neal Morse's "question mark" album, Mike Portnoy asked Neal if he had any extra Transatlantic footage to use for bonus material for a DVD. Mike seemed to think it was a good idea to release the two Transatlantic videos ("Building the Bridge" and "Live in America") on DVD with some bonus footage. Neal agreed and went into his secret vault (his garage) and produced a few amusing outtakes from the recording sessions. It was only supposed to take a few months to put together. Ha! After several months it was ready to be released when "stop the presses" we discovered the audio was wrong for the "Live in America" section! No one could figure out what happened or why it was wrong so Neal contacted Mr. Stolt who said "Oh, the audio was never right in the first place, I'd really like to re-do it!" So, Roine found the original audio and fixed it up nice and now we have a brand new Transatlantic DVD.

For those that don't know, Transatlantic is Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater (drums), Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard on keys and vocals), Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings (guitar) and Pete Trewavas of Marillion on bass.

"Building the Bridge" is a two hour documentary that takes you through every part of the making of the classic prog album "Bridge Across Forever". From the writing process at Neal Morse's house to Mike Portnoy's amazing drum cam footage, to Roine Stolt's stunning guitar work and Pete Trewavas' spot on bass playing, you'll get to see and hear the music that made it onto this amazing album, and some that was left behind.

"Live in America" was recorded in Philadelphia in June of 2000. This two hour concert captures the emotion that is Transatlantic. This is a full documentation of the band in their first year featuring performances from their first album, plus jams and classic covers. NTSC region free.

With a bit of bonus stuff this DVD clocks in at approximately 4 hours!"

The "Building The Bridge" and "Live In America" 2DVD is available on Radiant Records.

Transatlantic "Building The Bridge" and "Live In America" on DVD

24th December 2005
Coming Soon to DVD:


For the first time ever, BUILDING THE BRIDGE; the documentary of the Making of Bridge Across Forever, and LIVE IN AMERICA will be available together on one DVD. With an exceptional upgrade in video clarity from the VHS releases, the audio on LIVE IN AMERICA has also been lovingly re-mixed by ROINE STOLT! Making this a must-have definitive version.

No release date yet, but we are looking early into the new year."

KINO "Cutting Room Floor" CD

26th November 2005
To coincide with the upcoming December tour across Europe, KINO will be releasing a very special and limited edition CD, entitled "Cutting Room Floor". This CD is a collection of previously unheard Kino demos which include Pete Trewavas singing lead vocals, plus live versions of songs from "Picture", and a stunning version of the Kevin Gilbert track "Parade" which was recorded several years ago for a Kevin Gilbert tribute album which to date hasn't seen the light of day. The full track listing is as follows:
  • People (live)
  • Throw It Away (demo)
  • Perfect Tense (live)
  • All You See (demo)
  • Room For Two (live)
  • Won't Fall Down (demo)
  • Picture (live)
  • Say You Will (demo)
  • Parade (Kevin Gilbert cover)
The CD will be available at all Kino's live dates and on the official KINO website.

Neal Morse's new Progressive Rock masterpiece "?"

5th October 2005
Mike Portnoy and Roine Stolt are both guest musicians on Neal Morse's new progressive rock masterpiece "?" (The Question Mark Album). The album will be released in the USA on November 1st, 2005, through Metal Blade and in Europe on October 24th, 2005, through Inside Out Music.

Other guest musicians include Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), saxophonist Mark Leniger, Alan Morse (Spock's Beard), legendary guitarist Steve Hackett (former Genesis) and Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings.

Order Neal Morse's "?" at (USA)
Order Neal Morse's "?" at (Europe/Free Shipping!)

Neal Morse - The Question Mark Album Tracklisting:
  1. The Temple of the Living God
  2. Another World
  3. The Outsider
  4. Sweet Elation
  5. In The Fire
  6. Solid As The Sun
  7. The Glory Of The Lord
  8. Outside Looking In
  9. 12
  10. Deliverance
  11. Inside His Presence
  12. The Temple of the Living God

Jordan Rudess (Keyboards)
Mike Portnoy (drums)
Randy George (Bass)
Mark Leniger (Sax)
Alan Morse (guitar)
Roine Stolt (guitar)
Steve Hackett (guitar)

Roine Stolt's new solo album "Wall Street Voodoo"

5th October 2005
Roine Stolt - Wall Street Voodoo
Release date: November 8th, 2005

Order at! (USA)
Order at (Europe/Free Shipping!)

Wall Street Voodoo Disc One
  1. The Observer 11:05
  2. Head Above Water 5:25
  3. Dirt 8:15
  4. Everyone Wants To Rule The World 4:05
  5. Spirit Of The Rebel 6:10
  6. Unforgiven 3:00
  7. Dog With A Million Bones 8:10
  8. Sex Kills 7:20
  9. Outcast 7:50
Disc Two
  1. The Unwanted 9:00
  2. Remember 6:55
  3. It's All About Money 8:05
  4. Everybody Is Trying To Sell You Something 6:55
  5. Hotrod (The Atomic Wrestler) 9:10
  6. Mercy 2:40
  7. People That Have The Power To Shape The Future 11:05

Roine Stolt: Lead Vocal ,Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Percussion
Neal Morse: Lead Vocal & Hammond Organ
Slim Pothead: Wurlizer Piano, Mini Moog & Hammond Organ
Victor Woof: Fender Bass
Marcus Liliequist: Drumkit
Hasse Bruniusson: Percussion
Gonzo Geffen: Congas & Percussion & Loop treatments

Circus Brimstone Live CD

7th September 2005
The Flower Kings Instrumental offspring "Circus Brimstone" will release a Live CD named "BrimStoned In Europe" on September 20th in the tradition of recent "Live Official Bootlegs". It will be released as a Official bootleg and will be sold on the TFK website shop (merch section), at live shows and assorted mailorders and through the regular sources.

The CD is recorded by soundman Petrus Konigsson on the European tour April 2005 and has a good quality multitrack "boardfeed" recording that was later mixed in Cosmic Lodge Studio, sounds well as good as any "professional" live recording and on par with for example "Alive On Planet Earth". Place your order on the merchandise section.

Tracklist is as follows:
  1. Cosmic Lodge
  2. Astral Dog/ Hellhound
  3. Circus Brimstone
  4. The Man Who Walked With Kings
  5. Magic Circus Of Zeb
  6. Speed Wizard/ MarcusDrumsolo
  7. Retropolis
Total playing time over 65 min.

Players are:
Marcus Liliequist-Drumkit
Jonas Reingold-Bassguitar and Basspedals
Tomas Bodin-Keyboards
Roine Stolt-Guitars

Photo: Petrus Konigsson

KINO Tour Dates for December 2005

7th November 2005
The Kino tour for December is still in the process of being finalised, but the following dates have been confirmed:

Saturday 10.12.05 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Sunday 11.12.05 - Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium (early start)
Monday 12.12.05 - Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany
Tuesday 13.12.05 - Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Wednesday 14.12.05 - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
Thursday 15.12.05 - Lucky & Co, Rijssen, Netherlands (NEW!)
Friday 16.12.05 - Borderline, London, UK (book your ticket online)
Saturday 17.12.05 - John Dee, Oslo, Norway (NEW!)

Dream Theater's "OCTAVARIUM" out on June 7th, 2005!

11st May 2005
Dream Theater have completed work on their 8th full length studio album entitled "OCTAVARIUM" which will be released through Atlantic Records on June 7th, 2005.

Dream Theater - Octavarium The track listing is as follows:
  1. The Root Of All Evil
  2. The Answer Lies Within
  3. These Walls
  4. I Walk Beside You
  5. Panic Attack
  6. Never Enough
  7. Sacrificed Sons
  8. Octavarium
Order "OCTAVARIUM" at! (USA)

Order "OCTAVARIUM" at! (Europe)

KINO to perform in Oxford and Rotherham in July!

27th May 2005
KINO will play a gig for the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham on Saturday, July 9th, 2005. Tickets (£15 to non-CRS members, £13 to members) will go on sale soon via the Classic Rock Society website or by calling 01709 702575.

KINO will also be playing at the Zodiac Club in Oxford on Sunday, July 10th, 2005. Tickets are on sale now from the Zodiac box office at phone number 01865 420042. You can also purchase tickets online at

For details, please visit


11st May 2005
The Flower Kings will start rehearsing for the upcoming American tour that includes dates in US eastcoast, westcoast as well as Florida and Canada starting in Pittsburgh on May25th. The set will be a kind of "best of" or a mix of new and old covering things like: I Am The Sun, Last Minute On Earth, Babylon, Love Supreme, Stardust We Are, Blade Of Cain, Church Of Your Heart, Cosmic Circus, The Truth Will Set You Free, Compassion etc.

In NJ (Metuchen/Forum Theater) at the "Flower Kings Day" May 28th, there will be an afternoon set with the offspring "Circus Brimstone" where Tomas, Jonas, Roine and Marcus will play instrumentals like: Astral Dog, Man Who Walked With Kings, Always Grumpy, Circus Brimstone and a bit of "out there" jamming that may include the odd Beatles or Zeppelin cover with Hasse and/or Daniel.

Also a chance to meet the band and get your records signed and have a quick chat. There will be lots of merchandise available including all the odd offspring items fot the entire tour, including new Kaipa - Mindrevolutions and the new Tomas Bodin "Rock Opera" CD - I A M

For the ticket and venue locations info for a show near YOU see the Tour Section of

Photo: Ueli Frey

Neal Morse's "Inner Circle"

11st May 2005
  1. A monthly letter with photos and insider info in your email box.
  2. Every other month you will receive either an audio disc or a DVD of unreleased material like new demos, pre-views of album cuts, radio interviews, unreleased live music, rare footage of recording and public appearances of every kind.
  3. Special surprise Giveaways!
  4. The first 200 people to sign up will receive a free signed Testimony Poster with their first package.
  5. Coming soon - Exclusive audio and video of writing and recording sessions and live performances.

$10.00 per month in the US and Canada , $12.00 (approximately 9 Euros) per month outside the US to cover shipping cost. The cost will automatically be charged to your credit card on the same date you initially signed up every month.

For details and the tracklisting of the first "Inner Circle" CD please click here.


31st March 2004
KINO will play the Mean Fiddler in London on Friday, April 22nd, 2005. Tickets are on sale now at all the usual outlets. This will be the band's first live appearance in the UK!

Book tickets for the Mean Fiddler show in London.

Visit KINO's official website for European Tour Reports, exclusive photos and more.

Order KINO's debut album "Picture" at CDUniverse:
Order KINO's debut album "Picture" at (Free Shipping in the UK and Europe!)
The Special Edition includes a bonus disc with four live tracks recorded for TV.

The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve

4th July 2004
A short look back at making the new CD by Roine Stolt:

After being involved with the production and release of "Meet The Flowerkings" DVD that came out in October last year(2003) it was quite a difficult task to come up with a new and fresh idea for a new studio album concept, so I think I just said to myself "let's start by writing songs" and then see where it takes us.

The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve (2004) After all, the songs have always been the foundation of all Flower Kings music recordings or performances, even if we lately have had the chance of working with some fine musicians that can certainly groove and improvise as well.

To make a slight change I decided to mainly work with just an old nylon stringed acoustic guitar and a pocket memory mp3 recorder. This provided some real scaled down writing, I mean there were no big fat synth chords to impress or no electric guitar or drum loop to hide behind. Just me, my voice and the guitar.

Still I found this "simple" way of working out songs very rewarding and I came up with more music than I've done in a long time, some of it you can find on the new CD "Adam & Eve" and some more will surely see the day on possible solo projects of mine.

It is always hard, or I'd say impossible, to come up with totally fresh and different sounding music.

Well it is still me writing and I guess I have, by now sort of, defined my writing style and standards, regardless if it is for the FlowerKings, Transatlantic or Kaipa.

I know what I like and what I want to achieve and I know my standards are set high and I know my self criticism is sometimes painful, but I get the job done.

I started writing for the new CD in October and after finishing a FlowerKings European tour supporting the DVD release I just did continue writing music and words in the same simplistic manner, I did a few rough demos of the songs in a slightly more developed fashion and sent it out to the other guys and then left for Costa Rica with my family for 3 weeks.

In January we did meet in Jonas Reingold's Studio to hammer out a few background tracks, the songs we picked should match the profile we have decided on for the album, meaning they should be clearly recognizable as FlowerKings tunes, but still contain new elements, if possible.

Well, you always try to come up with sensational things, don't you ? But I've come to realize that for me the sensation lies more in the feeling or the "soul" of the songs, than the complexity of odd meters or the impossible or possibly "fiddly bits" or the production tricks.

Music is a strange bird isn't it ? We cannot exactly put the finger on what it is that makes us go "wow" or what makes our hearts beat faster. It's almost like love....!

I do trust that feeling and can only hope other people feel the same as I do.

Of course a minimal dose of speculation or constructual guidance is needed to keep away from doing the same music over and over. I hope we don't ?

At least it seems that the strenght of Flowerkings is that we always try to re-invent ourselves in a way so that the fans can get a feeling that we or on our way to something new, unexpected and we wanna take you there, but still keep enough of the great old Flower Kings vibe so it feels familiar.

We kept it very much open so that any tune we felt was a good tune could find it's place on this CD, however specificly we looked for symphonic pieces with strong melody as for the core material.

We felt no need to dive deeper into the jazz fusion thing we've been doing on and off previously, because we're not really that type of band as a whole, some of us dig jazz, blues and fusion but rather put it into our side projects, instead wanted to concentrate on good symphonic and melodic stuff, where every aspect of the band could shine.

I had this great epic tune "Love Supreme" that I've been working with and was very pleased with and I had a few very cool vocal harmony ideas for Hasse, Daniel andmyself for that one, the lyrics was also important for that song and I was very pleased with that whole concept.

Starting to work on that one and a few other classic prog ideas felt very good and I could see the other bandmembers gradually getting more enthusiastic about the bulk of material and we got to the point where everyone was feeling "we are making a good record here ".

"Vampires View" is a sort of bolero style dramatic song that felt like a new approach, almost like from a musical, I'm sure it's gonna be great live, a bit depressing but also very romantic.

"Adam & Eve" was another song that stood out as a somewhat heavier song but still with a FK twist, built on riffs and an attitude.

"Cosmic Circus" has a late jingle jangle 60's feel to it and has echoes of both Beatles and the San Francisco flowerpower movement.

We worked on one of Jonas songs that had a trashy metallic intro that went into a vocal Lennon like section that didn't quite work out 100% satisfactory, so I later re-wrote the whole vocal section and added new lyrics and melody, but still over Zoltans old drumtrack, quite funny and a bit strange, it ended up being "Timelines".

We worked for a week tracking drums mostly, now all in 24 bit digital for Emagic Logic Audio on macinosh as usual and then I went back home to write some more. I then wrote "Drivers Seat", another one of the epic songs, a song that has both a sort of Swedish folk music theme and also a classic prog theme.

Also "The blade of Cain" is a powerful thing that was from the beginning a ending instrumental piece of the Adam & Eve song the we lifted out, but now it worked perfect as a album closer instead, very majestic.

Lyricwise I did work quite fast and most of the lyrics were written way before we even started recording, some of it was actually written in Costa Rica at the otherworldly beach or strolling around with the kid notebook.

"Love Supreme" is a song about the search for the ultimate love, meaning a love that trancend, goes far beyond woman or man or family members, or even the human race. If you search and learn enough about the complexities of our environment and how all elements, plants, animals and humans work, or should work, in harmony with each other, you can begin to see the perfection and the unity, it's all very beautiful and a delicate balance to behold. Some call it "God", by different names in different regions, and some call it "the great spirit" or "the great mother" or whatever, It is likely to all mean the same.

"Cosmic Circus" is also a song about the wonders and mysteries of life, but also the confusion as it is not always easy to understand what is going on and why bad and good things happen or fall on our plate. We question the right or wrong and how to find one's specific role in this cosmic circus. Much of what surface in the world politics and the global schemes tend to be nonsence but the next minute it suddenly fall into it's right place, mysteriously. History can teach us great lessons, but some refuse to see it. Sometimes we watch, sometimes we go with the flow, sometimes we wrestle to get out and sometimes we just stand still stare in awe.

"A Vampires View" is obviousy a song about the world, seen from a Vampire point of view, a bit inspired by Anne Rice's "Confession of a Vampire". It is telling a gloomy story of a very sad and isolated soul that is forced live in the darkness, feeding on the blood, flesh or soul of others and hate every minute of it, but can't get out and cannot see an end to the grind either. A Smeagol or Gollum if you want or a Zombie too. At the same time, in parallel, it is a song about a possible "bloodsucker", a successful businessman or an entire empire or political system that have to walk over dead bodies to increace his/it's profits or power, finding himself loved and missed by no one in the end, isolated in a sinister world of profit and corruption only. It is indeed lonely at the top.

"Adam & Eve" is a song about the complexity and difference of male and female sexuality and views of how the society, now more than ever, exploit sexuality in all shape and form, on daily basis, in magazines or TV or on the internet, in books or in shops. You can almost sell everything if you do it with a sex twist, big or small. It occupies our brains heavily, or at least at some point, day or night, on and off. No one goes free of lust, not priests, nor presidents. When lust dies mankind dies. It is the spark of life but also a shameful thing for the moralists.

Adam & Eve is just fictious figures in this song, it has nothing to do with the Bible's Adam & Eve. They cannot live together and they cannot live apart, as God had put an incurably urge to bread in Adams brain to secure the existence of the human race for all generations to come. Adam loves sex and need it badly to feel alive, but Eve want to be loved for different reason, they do not understand each other, they play a tiresome game that leave a lot to be desired for both of them.

"Starlight Man" is about love, friendship, holding out a helping hand and the ultimate power of kindness, the great boomerang of LOVE. But also about enlightenment. The "starlight man" can be our parents offering us protection or our teacher opening our eyes to hidden knowledge or a spiritual leader or even someone who create great music or art that makes us feel alive and in that way helping opening up our senses.

"Timelines" is a song that deal with time and to come to terms with time passing and how time, bit by bit, change us outside and inside and all that surround us. Nothing is constant, everything is changing and everything is in development.

We get hurt, we learn, we suffer and "no facelift will cover the scars" but even the wrinkles or scars can be beautiful if we accept changes as a part of life. We get older, our kids grow older, our parents will pass away some day, so will we. It is all a journey & we cannot stop time, all we can do is sit back and relax or hopefully we can fill our time with some significant substance. What we call a "meaning of Life". We can make some noise. We can send out good vibes and get a few back.

"Drivers Seat" is a song that is about the need, or the option to take control over our own lives and shaping it carefully to our own liking, if possible instead of being faithful to all the companies or corporations that try to sell us a "lifestyle complete". We are normally so manipulated by the great flow of influences that the media shower us in every day life and there is always someone out there who want us to subscribe to a new lifestyle or to wear some new clothes or to eat a certain brand of food or try a new better toothpaste or such. Some people simply follow the rest, or go with the flow, because it is a path of less resistance. Some others go deeper into themselves and ask what can be done and what their heart tell them would be the right thing. So in a way we can, to some degree, create and maintain our own little universes without causing any, or little, damage to our surroundings.

I often get the question if my lyrics are religious, I'd be tempted to say "yes" to that, because there lies a religious experience hiding in how we can create magic in real life. Religion is probably the science we long to subscribe to as of learning of a higher existance where the universal machinery reach a point of outermost harmony....puh.

In short a religion is a handbook of well being, so it's not really that mysterious. When we see ourselves as participants of the big schemes or "links in the chain reaction" or dominoes or whatever, we then realise we can make a change and we can get rewarded with joy and peace or further enlightenment, it IS a reality IF we want it to be.

My lyrics deal with all that and it is a religion in a way, all that you'll find in the 10 commandments resonate very fine with all that I believe and proclaim.

The title of the CD was initially meant to be named after the opening song "Love Supreme" but we altered it to Adam & Eve because it did better fit our ideas of artwork and our plans for all stage shows and all of the total art and package idea.

Adam&Eve was more suitable as a concept, as all lyrics could relate to the Man/Woman, Light/Darkness, Hot/Cold, Day/Night, Love/Hate, Apathy/Devotion etc. No one entity can exist without the other.

As for the music, we've tried to work with even more dynamics for this recoding. There is however nothing groundbreaking on this CD but we wouldn't like it to be "groundbreaking" just for the sake of being"groundbreaking". Many others try to do more extreme music, but for us in this time of life we only try to make music that create a feeling of well being or something that is powerful enough to lift you up, fuel your spirit and get ready for the day or make you groove to the beat with lyrics that will hopefully make your head spin with good thoughts. If music put you in a good mood & you feel good you will most certainly do us a BIG, BIG favour, namely ; you will treat your fellow humans good! That's again the great boomerang of LOVE!!

I thought that listening to a new Flowerkings record should feel like coming home, but the furniture has been changed just a bit, or the walls repainted or fitted with new wallpaper. Strange and exciting wallpaper that is !!!

We feel no need to show the fans or other musicians that we can do something exceptionally difficult or to play a thousand notes or rock real hard or be weird for weird's sake just to show off or impress the fans.

I think that, by now, we have established a good devoted and faithful fanbase that will follow us for a long time to come and now we only hope to see many new fans discovering the band, hopefully outside of the progressive rock circles too. We know we can do it, with so much talent within the band and so much love from you fans. It sometimes feels like there is some kind of otherworldly force outside of all the band that drag this project along and fuel it with new powers constantly, I'm amazed how things happen the way they do and how so much great music energy seem to surround The Flower Kings, just look at!!

I wouldn't be surprised to find out, after I'm dead and gone, that I wasn't the "real" boss of this band. Being a messenger isn't bad after all. It's great being here and I'm still amazed how much we've achieved lately in terms of quality music and good vibes and great memories. Just going back to the Swedish tour a few weeks ago it was a great uplifting experience after working so hard with the album.

Future plans include a new European tour in October where we will use a customized light design and screen projections for the first time. We're gonna play a lot from the new album and the rest will be ONLY songs we never played before. I'm very excited about this.

We will then start working on a new DVD that will include a live recording of our most popular shorter songs that didn't make it on to "Meet The Flowerkings". We'll try to do: There is More To this World, Church of your Heart, The Flower King, Last Minute on Earth, Retropolis, Train To Nowhere, I Am The Sun, Road To Sanctuary, My Cosmic Lover, Compassion and maybe some medley of other songs. We have so many songs to pick from. It will also contain interviews in english, biographies, photo galleries.

Later we will start working on next studio album, we have a bit of a new work approach to this CD, but I can't reveal details yet. In the meantime different bandmembers will be releasing a diversity of solo albums or side projects, like The Tangent 2, Kaipa, Tomas Bodins -Swedish Family, Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) the orchestral CD "BE" and myself will try doing a few things as solo recordings with different cast.

We also hope to come to USA and Central America on tour beginning of next year and we really would love to come back to Japan for a few shows. It sure is a busy time for all of us and I guess we are blessed to actually have all these fantastic visions and projects to be realized in our liftime.

Roine Stolt
July 3rd 2004.

Mike Portnoy working on new prog album with Neal Morse

Added on 06-11-2004
Mike Portnoy joined Neal Morse on June 3rd, 2004, to record a new progressive rock album. Please visit for Neal Morse's studio diary and photos from the studio.

Neal Morse "Testimony Live" 2DVD with Mike Portnoy

Added on 06-01-2004
Neal Morse - Testimony Live (2004) Inside Out will be releasing a 2 disc DVD set of the Neal Morse concert recorded at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands on November 17th, 2003. This is the same venue where the Transatlantic Live In Europe DVD was recorded. Neal Morse's band during this short European tour featured Mike Portnoy on drums.

The European (PAL) release date is June 29th, 2004. The US (NTSC) release date is July 13th, 2004.

The 2DVD is appropriately titled "Testimony Live", and features Neal's progressive rock concept (double) album "Testimony" in its entirety, as well as the Transatlantic tracks "We All Need Some Light" and "Stranger In Your Soul" and the Spock's Beard classic "The Light"

Click here to order the "Testimony Live" 2DVD at!

New Pete Trewavas Project

Added on 05-08-2004
Hi Pete here, and I thought you might like me to to let you know about a new band that I am involved with. You may have heard of us as the Arm band which is a joke name that a friend of our very kindly donated, but as yet we don't have a name.

The band is made up of myself on bass John Mitchell from Arena on guitar John Beck from It Bites on keyboards, and Chris Maitland the former Porcupine Tree drummer. not bad on paper as you can see. We all sing, but John Mitchell will be covering most of the lead vocals.

It all started for me when Neal Morse left Transatlantic and I was thinking about what I might do as a next project. I was talking to my good friend Thomas Weber from Insideout Music, and he asked me if I had any plans to do more work outside if Marillion. I mentioned that I have always wanted to work with John Beck from It Bites as I remember them touring with Marillion and John was an impressive musician stood out as a performer as well. Thomas then went on to tell me that John Mitchell and John Beck were getting together to do some kind of project and would I be interested in that.

So to cut a long story short I went down to meet John Mitchell at his studio in Reading which is where we seem to be based. We got on well and started writing strait away we demo'ed a song on the first day, and we carried on working more or less like that ever since.

For the first year or so whenever I had a spare day or two I would drive down to John's which is conveniently about 40 mins drive for me, and we would listen through to ideas we both had and decide what to work on. We would demo a song, with both of us programming drums and playing bits of keyboards. It was a lot of fun and we would chat about whether we needed a vocalist and if John Beck really did exist. Let me clarify myself here. John Beck was always in the back of our minds and had been down to see John Mitchell but I had yet to meet him again, and was wondering if he would have the time to get involved, as I new he was always of on tour with someone or other. I also hoped that John Beck would be able to get involved with the writing and arranging of the songs as well.

I guess towards the middle of last year, I turned up at John's studio as usual, and John Beck was there so we had a reunion of sorts, chatted about what we had both been up to etc. so we now had three of us in the band, which is when we started looking for a drummer. A few names were suggested, but John Mitchell thought of Chris Maitland, who again I knew from Porcupine Tree touring with Marillion, so I was up for him straight away.

We got Chris down and we all seemed to get on well. and since then we have been finishing off/arrangeing songs we have demo versions of and replacing drums bass etc with the sounds and parts we want to be on the album. J.B. and J. M. have been writing together as well and we have been arranging all the songs together so it is coming on very well.

At this time we have 6-7 songs that have been recorded and ready for mixing with vocals and backing vocals etc. and we will probably finish another couple of things that our half recorded. I need to go back to John's studio and play bass on a couple of tracks for that. At that stage Simon Hanheart will be given the role of mixing the album. He has already done a mix of one song which not all of us have listened to yet, I have and it sounded pretty good. When he has mixed the songs it will be done and dusted and ready for release. Later this year hopefully just after the summer. Musically I would say it is a rock album of songs with eccentric overtones. A cross between Queen and The Cardiacs if you are familiar with either of those.

Marillion Tour Update from Pete Trewavas

Added on 05-08-2004
6 May 2004

Hi I'm waiting around in that void between setting up gear and soundchecking currently back stage in Berlin. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to put my thoughts down and wire them across the ether.

We are as I've just mentioned in Berlin this being the 4th show of the tour, which is going very well everywhere people are enthusing about the new album, press and fans alike, and we are all in good spirits.

Skipping back a few day though I found myself wondering into Aylesbury Civic Centre. My home town gig, to do a day of production, after getting off a plane from Holland at 4ish pm(Easygoingjet). Actually the flight as always was fine but we were delayed somewhat.

We had around 100 chosen dedicated fans that we had let in to what proceedings and when we finally turned up we had a lot of sorting out of equipment before a note could be played. we had some new gear with us namely in ear monitors that we were all trying out for the first time and getting used to and then all the usual faffing to be done with sound and stage levels etc. eventually though we got round to playing most of the set which was I expect most people had turned up to see. It went OK in a light hearted kind of way we stopped between songs to fix and fine tune things and ran a couple of things twice.

The next night was the warm up show again in A. C. C. We had specifically designed this so we would what we were getting in to. The show was good to fair I would say. Invisible Man, was arguably the high point and we played through all the Marbles songs pretty well. We then went on to play what I shall call set ll.

We hadn't timed this set which came to realise was a terrible mistake as we ended up playing for around 2 hours 45. again it was mostly good although I personally felt a little under rehearsed. I have to blame all the promotion for the single for this which I can honestly say was a pleasure to do and very exciting at the time, but did mean we didn't have all the hours available to rehearse we would have liked.

Next day was Saturday and I went over to Reading to see John Mitchell and do some singing on our project together which is going well. In the evening I caught the buss to Tilburg.

Not any buss of course It was our tour buss with one stop only Racket Club to Tilburg one way. We left at about 8pm and caught the ferry from Dover to Calais and arrived in Tilburg early in the morning of Sunday the 2nd I spent the day wondering around Tilburg and did an interview with The Boom Boom Boys who are out with us filming a bit of a documentary.

The Gig was good better than Aylesbury but then that is why we have warm up shows. High points for me were Invisible Man again and Your Gone which got a good response. It was strange being on in ears though and the audience noticed a slight lack of communication. This will always be the case at the beginning of a tour couple with the in ears though it was something for us to think about. After the show we were back on the bus, and off to Utrecht.

The Music Centrum in Utrecht is one of my favorite Gigs a lovely venue it even has a grand piano in the dressing room which know one can resist playing specially me. We arrived early in the morning and I was woken up by my stomach telling me it needed food. I walked around to see what was open it was 8.30 of the morning after Queensday celebrations and it was very quiet indeed I had to wait for McDonnalds to open before I could get anything to eat. Having gorged myself I went back to the bus and watched the load in then showered at the venue and went for a walk around town. Later I did a bit of filming with Paul and Jase playing the piano, and generally lazed around until sound check. That went well with us adjusting a few levels of things we wanted to hear.

The show itself was really good probably the best to of the tour yet. I was determined to have a better show than the night before and luckily that happened. Neverland was really good as was Don't Hurt Yourself. Also Beyond you from set two was really good. That sort of song always goes down well in a concert hall as opposed to a rock venue. After the show we talked away to the fan club and a few guests. Then it was back on the buss to Zwolle. A completely new place for us.

We arrived in the early hours and I slept until mid morning. The venue was a rather old looking rock venue that used to be used for cattle I believe. It was big and cold and not the place you would want to spend a whole day in. Having said that everyone was helpful to us and our crew and because of the size of the roof and stage the show looked really good. The reaction was amazing and we ended with Cover My Eyes something we decided to do at the last minute and hadn't even rehearsed. The set's l and ll are still getting knocked in to shape after 3 years in our studio it is a bit of a shock to be back on the road, but it is coming together well and will get better and better as these things always do.

I'm signing off to get ready for tonight's show


Neal Morse performing at CalProgDay

Added on 04-26-2004
Neal Morse is scheduled to perform a solo/acoustic set at this year's California Prog Day. Produced by Jim Harrel, the all-day concert will focus on the new generation of progressive rock artists. It all happens in Whittier, California on July 3rd (2004).

New Marillion album "Marbles"

Added on 04-21-2004
Marillion - Marbles On May 3rd, 2004, Marillion will be releasing their brilliant new album "Marbles". A double album version of "Marbles" is exclusively available from

The retail version will be a single disc featuring selections from the full double album. Essentially, the retail version contains four tracks less than the double album version. currently offers a Deluxe Campaign Edition 128-page book of "Marbles", which will continue to be available while supplies remain, so get it while you still can! A standard jewel-box 2CD case and the 1CD retail version will be available from the release date.

Please visit for more details.

Click here for European Marillion tour dates

Transatlantic tracks played during Neal Morse tour

Added on 12-06-2003
"Stranger In Your Soul" and "We All Need Some Light" were played live at various shows during Neal Morse's recent tour.

The Neal Morse concert on November 17th, 2003, at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland, was recorded for a possible release on DVD. Both "Stranger In Your Soul" and "We All Need Some Light", as well as Spock's Beard's "The Light", were performed at this show.

Please check out the Gig Listing on Neal Morse's website for the complete list of shows and their setlists.

Still tickets available for Neal Morse/Mike Portnoy tour!

Added on 11-12-2003
Here is a message from Neal Morse about the rehearsals for his upcoming "Testimony" tour, which features Mike Portnoy on drums. Rumour has it that the guys will be playing a Transatlantic track! There are still tickets available, so don't miss the opportunity to catch one of these special shows!

Wow! We just had our first rehearsal yesterday with the full band (Violin, Cello, Saxophone, 4 Keyboards, 8 Guitars, Congas, Timbales, Bass pedals and a Pedal Steel all being played by 7 guys who sing great!) and I'm really excited. When Mike Portnoy comes in tomorrow we're all just going to fly to the ceiling! This is just an incredible and totally unique musical experience.

The cellist, John Krovosa, who just arrived yesterday has this strap on modern cut down cello thing that's totally cool and he's a great player who's toured with Yanni and such and Rick Altizer's singing up a storm. Wait 'til you hear the vocals!!! Eric Brenton's guitar and violin playing is stellar as always and now he's playing the flute as well. Mark Leniger's sax playing is first rate... where can you go to hear something like this? It's not just a band, it's like a mini orchestra!

Then enter Mr. Portnoy and you have something that defies description. I just feel people need to know that THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. The way everyone's schedules have lined up and all the player's being willing and available is a special occurrence that really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are still tickets available for these shows so please come if you can, we really want to share this with you.

November 13th   UK   Manchester   MDH
November 14th   UK   London   Astoria
November 16th   Holland   Rijssen   Lucky
November 17th   Holland   Tilburg   013
November 18th   Germany   Aschaffenburg   Colos-Saal
November 19th   Germany   Bochum   Zeche

November 21st   Metuchen, New Jersey, USA - Metuchen Forum Theater (tickets available at

November 23   Whittier, CA. USA - The Center Theater Stage (tickets available at

Release date for "Live In Europe" CD and DVD!

Added on 10-05-2003
According to Inside Out Music, the release date for Transatlantic "Live In Europe" double live album, double DVD and limited edition 2CD/2DVD is November 4rd, 2003.

Order the Double DVD at

Order the Double CD at

Order the Limited Edition at Radiant Records.

New Dream Theater album "Train Of Thought"

Added on 09-12-2003
Dream Theater's latest CD "Train Of Thought" is tentatively scheduled for release on November 11th 2003.

The track listing is:
  1. As I Am
  2. This Dying Soul
  3. Endless Sacrifice
  4. Honor Thy Father
  5. Vacant
  6. Stream Of Consciousness
  7. In The Name Of God
Produced by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy
Engineered by Doug Oberkircher
Mixed by Kevin Shirley

Dream Theater's 2004 World Tour will kick off in Manchester England on January 16th 2004

Order "Train Of Thought" now at!

"Transatlantic - Live In Europe" details and artwork!

Added on 09-04-2003
The "Transatlantic - Live in Europe" double CD will finally be released on October 27th, with the double DVD and Limited Deluxe Edition to be released soon after.

The second disc of the double DVD will include a documentary, the encore "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and a photo gallery. Together the DVD will last about 220 minutes. It will be in PAL format without regional coding.

Double CD Double DVD Limited Deluxe Edition

First Flower Kings DVD coming out soon!

Added on 08-31-2003
"Meet The Flower Kings" will be the title for the first Flower Kings DVD. It looks like the double DVD and the double Live-CD will be available in October. There will be also a Limited Deluxe Edition with both DVD's and CD's.

Transatlantic live 2CD, 2DVD and Limited Deluxe Edition news!

Added on 08-29-2003
According to Inside Out, the long awaited Transatlantic DVD will be available at the end of October. "Live In Europe" will be released in three different versions, namely a double live CD version, a double DVD version, and a Limited Deluxe Edition which contains both the 2CD and 2DVD versions. The artwork is done and the DVD's are almost finished as well. The DVD's will be available in both PAL and NTSC format.

Order Neal Morse's new 2CD "Testimony" with Mike Portnoy

Added on 08-23-2003
Neal Morse's upcoming 2CD masterpiece "Testimony", with Mike Portnoy on drums throughout the album, is now available for ordering at and Radiant Records. The album will be released on September 23rd, 2003.

Mike Portnoy featured on Neal Morse's new album

Added on 08-02-2003
"I guess now that the cat is out of the bag, it is safe for me to report that I do indeed play on Neal Morse's entire upcoming double CD "Testimony" which will be released on Sept 23rd......

I recorded my tracks back in February and I am honored to be a part of this amazing CD and to continue my working relationship with Neal. He has completely outdone himself once again and in my opinion has created another masterpiece.

Spock's Beard and TransAtlantic fans will be pleased to hear that the music is as proggy & beautiful as ever and Neal's writing style is still intact and as intense as ever!

I am also excited to announce that I will be joining Neal in the fall to do some exclusive live shows in support of the album.

More details coming soon.....

For more indepth information about Neal Morse and his upcoming album, "Testimony", please visit the official Neal Morse site.

KAIPA: KEYHOLDER (featuring Roine Stolt)

Added on 07-30-2003
The Swedish progressive rock group Kaipa is back to follow up the highly acclaimed reunion-album "Notes from the past" from 2002. The new album "Keyholder" is their 7th studio album since 1975. Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt (Flower Kings, Transatlantic,Tangent ) decided to bring all the musicians that participated on the last album together again and perform some new music, searching for a new level of progress, yet echoing fragments of a glorious 70's, trying to bring the new Kaipa-sound to a higher level.

KAIPA: KEYHOLDER With "Keyholder" they have succeeded making a modern both melodic and experimental progressive rock music without losing the original Kaipa identity.
Focusing more on vocal melody and harmonies "Keyholder" plunges deeper into the mysterious woods and the prog-folklore of Sweden, the northern homeland of Kaipa.
A more mature intricate or even intellectual weave of Kaipa melancholy and joyous dynamism is registered on this 2003 magnum opus "Keyholder". Mainly written by keyboardist Lundin but sprinkled with them typical Stolt melodies and lyrics "Keyholder" is a testemony that Sweden is at the very front when it comes to well crafted, classic and timeless progrock of today.

A feast for the 70's nostalgian as well as any adventurous teenager who might crave more of the complex symphonism and artrock shaped and developed by bands such as King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Yes, Focus, ELP, as well as newcomers Transatlantic, FlowerKings and Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Tool or Radiohead.

Again the unmistakeable sound of Lundin's keyboards & Stolt's guitars are present, accompanied by Morgan Ågren (Mats & Morgan, Zappa) on drums & Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Tangent ) on bass, a unpredictable and in frenzy rhythm section. On top you'll find the wonderous voices of Patrik Lundström (Ritual) and Aleena, blended with Stolt's and Lundins vocal harmonies.

The album is the result of a year of deeper collaboration between Lundin & Stolt who has produced the album together,carefully selecting songs and polishing the details to perfection for your listening pleasure. The melodies linger on and will probably stay with you for decades to entertain and to thrill.


Hans Lundin: Hammond organ, synthesizers, mellotron, pianos & vocals
Roine Stolt: Electric & acoustic guitars, percussion & vocals
Morgan Ågren: Drums
Jonas Reingold: Fretless & Yamaha custom basses
Patrik Lundström: Lead and backing vocals
Aleena: Lead and backing vocals

  1. Lifetime of a journey (8:14)
  2. A complex work of art (11:57)
  3. The weed of all mankind (9:29)
  4. Sonic Pearls (6:06)
  5. The end of the rope (13:59)
  6. Across the big uncertain (8:30)
  7. Distant voices (13:00)
  8. Otherworldly brights (7:08)
All music by Hans Lundin except 5, 6 & 7 music by Hans Lundin & Roine Stolt

All words by Stolt & Lundin except 5 words by Stolt and 4 words by Lundin & Kevin Fickling

Produced by Lundin & Stolt

Interview with Mike Portnoy on Delicious Agony on August 3rd

Added on 07-29-2003
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio will be airing an interview with Mike Portnoy on Sunday, August 3rd at 3 pm Eastern. It will be followed by music featuring Mike on the drums, to include the three above mentioned bands and both LTE and music from John Arch's EP. The total time for the program will be approximately 2 hours.

Neal Morse interview on Delicious Agony on July 30th

Added on 07-28-2003
To celebrate the September 23rd release of "Testimony", Delicious Agony will broadcast an interview with Neal Morse, along with music from Neal's career. This interview was recorded July 25th, 2003. Tune in to DA on Wednesday, July 30th, 9pm Eastern US time for this special broadcast.

Transatlantic - SMPTe - The Roine Stolt Mixes

Added on 06-22-2003
A while back Roine Stolt was talking to Neal Morse (when he released his Transatlantic demos CD) and said "hey, you know a lot of people have somehow gotten a hold of my mixes of our 1st album on the internet. Perhaps we should make it available officially" So, here it is! Roine's mixes of Transatlantic's classic first CD SMPTe are lush and rich (one might almost say flowery!) and full of things unheard on the original version. They only pressed up a few and there won't be another run for contractual reasons so, get em while you can.

Transatlantic - SMPTe - The Roine Stolt Mixes

  1. All of the Above (30:59)
  2. We all need some Light (5:45)
  3. Mystery Train (6:52)
  4. My New World (16:16)
  5. In held (twas) in I (17:21)
"The Roine Stolt Mixes" is available from Radiant Records and

Order Neal Morse - The Transatlantic Demos

Added on 03-21-2003
Neal Morse The Transatlantic Demos Neal Morse - The Transatlantic Demos
  1. Hanging In The Balance (18:01)
  2. Working on Mystery Train (on a bus) (1:46)
  3. We All Need Some Light (5:23)
  4. Dance With The Devil (9:01)
  5. Working On Piano Solo in 'All Of The Above' (:53)
  6. Bridge Across Forever (4:48)
  7. Full Moon Rising (22:34)
Total Time (62:36)

At the suggestion of Mike Portnoy, Neal has put together a disc of demos and a few clips from his hand held cassette recorder from as far back as 1992 and up into 2000. Neal says "I think the coolest thing about this CD is that you get to hear what I originally brought to the guys, which shows you where they took it. I was real surprised when I listened back. I had forgotten all the different turns the music took and it was really fun listening to it again." A fascinating look inside the mind of the man who has been the driving force behind the best prog of the last 10 years, this release is a must have for all Transatlantic fans.

The art package is made up of liner notes from Neal telling what he remembers about writing each song, original lyric sheets and unused photos of the band.
Release date -- April 2, 2003

Neal Morse - The Transatlantic Demos is available online through and

Mike Portnoy featured on John Arch EP

Added on 05-15-2003
Mike Portnoy will be featured on "Twist Of Fate", the solo EP of former Fates Warning front man John Arch. "Twist Of Fate" is approximately 20 minutes in length, and features John Arch on vocals, Jim Matheos (Fates Warning, OSI) on guitar, Joey Vera on bass and Mike Portnoy on drums. The EP will be released by Metal Blade Records on June 17th, 2003.

The EP is currently available at CD Universe.

Transatlantic live DVD and double live CD news

Added on 02-13-2003
According to Inside Out, the Transatlantic live DVD recorded at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland, on November 12th, 2001, is scheduled for a release in May 2003. The concert will also be available as a double live album.

The Flower Kings concert to be filmed for release on DVD

Added on 01-30-2003
The Flower Kings will be filming their concert on February 10th, 2003, for release on DVD:

Here are the details for this show as received from Roine Stolt:

"DVD recording show info :

.........for all you Europeans or anyone who wanna see the show ,

Date; February 10th
Time approx: 13'00
Location: Uppsala
Venue :Uppsala Stadsteater
Address: Kungsgatan 45, 100 meters from Uppsala Central (train/bus) station

Tickets : Payment on door , approx 30 Euro .
Length of "show" : approx 4 hours
Important note: the show will NOT be a regular gig/show but the audience will witness the recording of the Flowerkings core epics ,aöthough with a regular PA system and a fairly exclusive light show .

Extras : dress funny !!! ( think a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Beatles - "All you need is love" era video ) Flowers All sorts are welcome .

Welcome .

Check out the official OSI site at

Added on 01-25-2003
The OSI project with Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Kevin Moore (Chroma Key) now has its own official site:

Click here to visit

Order the Limited Edition or Regular Edition of "Office of Strategic Influence" (release date: February 18th, 2003).

Neal Morse on Delicious Agony on Sunday, November 3rd

Added on 10-28-2002
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio will broadcast a new interview with Neal Morse on Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 3pm Eastern US time. During the interview, Neal talks about his recent departure from Spock's Beard and Transatlantic, and about his life and career both during and after his time with the Beard. The interview will be archived on the Delicious Agony site after the broadcast. Visit for more details.

Roine Stolt on Delicious Agony on Saturday, November 2nd

Added on 10-28-2002
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio will broadcast a new interview with Roine Stolt on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 3pm Eastern US time, along with a premiere of The Flower King's new album, "Unfold the Future". Roine will be present in the Delicious Agony chatroom during the show. The interview will be archived on the Delicious Agony site after the broadcast. Visit for more details.

Week of The Flower Kings specials on Delicious Agony

Added on 10-23-2002
There will be a week of The Flower Kings specials on Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio from Monday, October 28th through Saturday, November 2nd. This will include an interview with Roine Stolt regarding the new album, "Unfold the Future", and a premiere of the album, with an open online chat with Roine, an interview with Tomas Bodin and a premiere of his new album, "Pinup Guru", an interview with Jonas Reingold and a premiere of Karmakanics' new album, "Entering the Spectra", plus broadcasts of full albums by The Flower Kings, including special fan club material. You can find the schedule, plus clips from Roine's interview, at

The Flower Kings - Unfold The Future    Order the new Flower Kings album "Unfold The Future":
Tomas Bodin - ;Pin Up Guru    Order Tomas Bodin's new album "Pin Up Guru":

Mike Portnoy comments on Neal Morse's departure

Added on 10-17-2002
"As a friend - I am trying to be as understanding and supportive as I can be...
As a (part time) band member - I am just honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him as I consider him a musical genius....
and as a fan - I am sad and disappointed at the loss of one of my favorite songwriters....

It surely is shocking and it also spells the end of TransAtlantic as I wouldn't possibly consider continuing it without him....

(and by the way - my review and praise of Snow was written before Neal broke the news to me....)"

Order the Spock's Beard double DVD now!

Added on 10-13-2002
A Spock's Beard double DVD entitled "Don't Try This Home: Live / The Making Of V" will be released in Europe on November 18th, 2002, and in the US on November 19th, 2002.

Don't Try This At Home / The Making Of V The first disc contains the full concert filmed at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland, on Tuesday, September 28th, 1999. The tracklisting is as follows: "Day For Night", "In The Mouth Of Madness", "Skin", "Gibberish", "Go The Way You Go", "June", "The Healing Colors Of Sound", "Ryo's Solo", "The Doorway", "The Light", "Squonk" and "Waste Away / Fire".

The second disc contains the "The Making of V" documentary, the "All On A Sunday" music video, "The Doorway" live acoustic in-store performance, "June" live in Chicago, "Go The Way You Go" live at The Whiskey, "Space Truckin'" live in Lansing, "Day For Night" studio sessions, The legend of The Morse Brothers and more surprises.

Subscribe to the new Transatlantic newsletter

Added on 10-14-2002
Because of Neal Morse's departure from Spock's Beard, we are currently in the process of seperating the Transatlantic / Spock's Beard newsletter into two individual newsletters.

Please sign up for the new Transatlantic newsletter if you would like to receive updates about Transatlantic and want to be the first to know when the long awaited Transatlantic DVD will be released!

Your email address

Or send a blank email to:

Neal Morse leaves Spock's Beard and Transatlantic

Added on 10-10-2002
"Dear fans and friends of Spock's Beard,

I'm sorry to say that the rumors are true, I am leaving Spock's Beard for parts unknown.
I feel that God wants me to do something else, and I'm not sure why exactly, but it's a feeling I've had for a while. I've been hoping it would change, but it hasn't, and so I'm quitting.

This is the short version so I'm trying not to say very much, but I don't want to give the impression that this isn't a huge deal. It is (to me anyway), and I want you all to know that I've given it careful consideration, thought and prayer, and it's with great sadness that I make this announcement.

The band is going on and I fully love and support them and I hope you will too.

Thanks to you all for making our dreams come true. My family and I wish you all the best."

For the long version go to

For a statement from Spock's Beard, please visit their official site.

Transatlantic DVD update

Added on 09-28-2002
The Transatlantic DVD is currently being mixed by Rob Aubrey in the UK. In addition to the concert in Tilburg, The Netherlands, from November 2001, the DVD will contain "behind the tour scenes" material and an Artwork gallery.

Spock's Beard acoustic performance in Westwood Village, Los Angeles

Added on 09-09-2002
SPOCK'S BEARD has heard the call. The band will perform a second acoustic in store performance to celebrate the release of "SNOW". Catch SPOCK'S BEARD up close at PUG'Z (Tower Records) located at 1028 Westwood Blvd in the heart of Westwood Village in Los Angeles on Wednesday September 18th at 6PM. The band will be on hand to sign copies of "SNOW" and free "SNOW" posters.

Call PUG'Z at 310.208.3061 for details.

Spock's Beard acoustic performance in Sherman Oaks, California

Added on 09-03-2002
SPOCK'S BEARD to celebrate the release of "SNOW" with a very rare acoustic in store performance!

SPOCK'S BEARD will be on hand for a special acoustic performance Monday September 16th at MOBY DISC in Sherman Oaks, California. MOBY DISC is located at 14622 Ventura Blvd. For additional details contact MOBY DISC at 818-990-2970.

SPOCK'S BEARD is scheduled to perform at 8PM in the courtyard in front of MOBY DISC. Please join us for a short acoustic set of amazing music from SPOCK'S BEARD.

New Flower Kings album "Unfold The Future"

Added on 08-26-2002
A new Flower Kings album entitled "Unfold The Future" will be released on November 4th, 2002. The album will feature Daniel Gildenlöw of Pain Of Salvation as a guest vocalist. The release will be followed by a European tour which starts on November 14th. Below are the tracklisting and credits for "Unfold The Future".

Disc one
  1. The Truth Will Set you Free (30:40) - Stolt
  2. Monkey Business (4:20) - Stolt
  3. Black and White (7:40) - Stolt/Bodin
  4. Christianopel (8:30) - Csörsz/Reingold/Bodin/Stolt
  5. Silent Inferno (14:25) - Stolt
  6. The Navigator (3:15) - Bodin/Stolt
  7. Vox Humana (4:30) - Stolt
Disc two
  1. Genie In a Bottle (8:10) - Stolt
  2. Fast Lane (6:35) - Bodin
  3. Grand Old World (5:10) - Stolt
  4. Soul Vortex (6:00) - Csörsz/Reingold/Bodin/Stolt
  5. Rollin The Dice (4:15) - Bodin
  6. The Devils Danceschool (3:45) - Reingold/Csörsz
  7. Man Overboard (3:40) - Stolt
  8. Solitary Shell (3:10) - Bodin/stolt
  9. Devils Playground (24:30) - Stolt/Bodin

Zoltan Csorsz: Drums
Jonas Reingold: Bass
Tomas Bodin: Grand piano and electric keyboards
Hasse Fröberg: Vocals
Roine Stolt: Guitars, vocals and keyboards
Daniel Gildenlöw: Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson: Orchestral percussion
Ulf Wallander: Soprano and tenor sax
Anders Bergcrantz: Trumpet

Recorded June - August 2002
Drums Recorded at PAMA Studio 1, Kristianopel
Engineered by Mankan
Overdubs at Cosmic Lodge,Reingold Studios,
ChezNanna and Bodin Studios July 2002
Mixed at Cosmic Lodge august 13-28, 2002
by Roine Stolt and Don R. Azzaro
Producer: Don "Regent" Azzaro

For more information about The Flower Kings, please visit their official website.

Live interview with Roine Stolt on Delicious Agony

Added on 04-27-2002
Progressive Rock internet radio station, Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio will broadcast a live interview with Roine Stolt of Transatlantic, The Flower Kings, and Kaipa, on Saturday, April 27th at 10pm EDT. The interview will be published to the Delicious Agony site immediately after the airing. For info on connecting to the broadcast, visit

Order the new Transatlantic video!

Added on 04-26-2002
Hello there,

We're proud to announce that the long awaited "TRANSATLANTIC - BUILDING THE BRIDGE" video is now available for ordering. Actually, we're supposed to receive them next week, so, you could get yours pretty quick. Here's some info about the video:

"TRANSATLANTIC - BUILDING THE BRIDGE - The making of Bridge Across Forever"

There are some experiences that do not translate well to film. Making an album can be one of them because it is such a long arduous process, but, somehow, this new Transatlantic video does the impossible. It takes you through every part of the journey, through each of the member's eyes, from the uncertain start to the triumphant finish, in just under 2 hours!! You'll feel like you were there while they made this extraordinary album. From the writing process at NEAL MORSE'S house, to MIKE PORTNOY'S amazing drum cam footage, to ROINE STOLT'S stunning guitar work, to PETE TREWAVAS spot on bass playing, you'll get to see and hear the music that made it on the album, and some that was left behind. Plus, there are a lot of wacky antics as well. See MIKE PORTNOY take 3 hours to put on his own cymbals, and the now infamous 'map of Afghanistan Tongue' tribal dance...well, you'll just have to see it!

The quality of the footage is incredible! Shot on Sony Digi-cams and edited entirely in the digital domain, 'BUILDING THE BRIDGE' should satisfy even the snootiest video connoisseur. It also comes in a beautiful 4 color box designed by Martin Kornick.

Phillip J. Satterley (Editor Extraordinaire who also did the 'SPOCK'S BEARD - MAKING OF V' video) has taken the footage that the band and their friends shot and turned it into a major event not to be missed. Directed by NEAL MORSE and PHILLIP J. SATTERLEY. Running time: approx. 2 hours. Available in NTSC and PAL formats.


Terra Mears
Radiant Records

PS - Don't forget our SPECIAL OFFER! When you order the TRANSATLANTIC - BUILDING THE BRIDGE video, order any other CD and/or video and receive a free 'BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER' poster between now and May 15!

Making Of Bridge Across Forever video out soon!

Added on 04-23-2002
Transatlantic - Building The Bridge From the makers of Spock's Beard's "The Making of V", Radiant Records brings you "Building The Bridge", a brand new 2 hour video featuring all member of TRANSATLANTIC rehearsing and recording "Bridge Across Forever!"

PS: This is not the Transatlantic LIVE DVD that will be out later this year.

Free Poster from Radiant Records!

Added on 04-23-2002
Hello music enthusiast,

Radiant Records has a special offer for you! Between now and May 15th, buy any 2 CDs and/or videos and receive a free TRANSATLANTIC - BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER poster!! It's the 18 by 12 inch advertisement for the record featuring a picture of the guys and some trippy Transatlantic artwork. A very cool collectors item indeed!

On the DVD and video front: major progress is being made! Neal Morse has remixed the audio for the Spock's Beard DVD and that should be ready in the next month or so. Keep your fingers crossed. These things can be problematic. Also, the Transatlantic video "Building the Bridge" is done and in production as we speak. "It's incredible! What Phil (Satterley) has done with the footage the band shot is AMAZING!" says Neal. Coming very soon!!!!

Thanks for all your support!

Terra Mears
Radiant Records

Neal Morse radio interview at internet radio station Delicious Agony

Added on 03-03-2002
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio performed a telephone interview with Neal Morse at the end of February. The interview will be previewed on-air on March 6th, 2002, at 8pm Eastern US time (1am GMT). The interview covers many topics, including the Beard's newest recording, "Snow". Please visit the Delicious Agony website for more information. The interview will be published to the Delicious Agony website immediately after the broadcast, in both MP3 format and transcript.

Interview with Neal Morse on!

Added on 03-03-2002 currently features a two-page interview with Neal Morse about life as a member of Transatlantic, a musician, and a solo artist.

Online Chat with Roine Stolt on Delicious Agony

Added on 02-11-2002
Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Kaipa, Transatlantic) will be doing an online chat at the Delicious Agony website on Saturday, February 23rd at 3 PM Eastern US time (8pm GMT). During the chat, you will be able to listen to a preview of Roine's new Kaipa CD "Notes From The Past". Click here to visit the Delicious Agony site.

Click here for the transcript

Transatlantic tops Dutch Progressive Rock Page Poll 2001!

Added on 02-11-2002
Transatlantic did it again! In the Dutch Progressive Rock Page's "DPRPoll 2001", Transatlantic's second studio album "Bridge Across Forever" was voted Best Album. "Stranger In Your Soul" and "Duel With The Devil" were voted #1 and #2 as Best Tracks respectively. The artwork for "Bridge Across Forever" came in second after Pendragon's "Not Of This World". Transatlantic's performance at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands, was voted as Best Concert.

Please visit DPRP for the complete list of poll results.

Limited Edition of SMPT:e available at Radiant Records!

Added on 02-06-2002

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that we've unearthed some TRANSATLANTIC SMPTe SPECIAL EDITION CD's. For those of you that missed it the first time around, this is your big chance! Here's some info:

The TRANSATLANTIC SMPTe SPECIAL EDITION features a 32 page four color digi-book with TRANSATLANTIC'S classic first disc SMPTe as well as a bonus disc with an alternate version of "We All Need Some Light" with Roine Stolt singing lead vocal, some alternate takes and demos, and a CD-ROM of the band recording in the studio.


For more information go to


Terra Mears
Radiant Records"

Transatlantic tour shirts on sale at Radiant Records!

Added on 12-14-2001
"Hello there,

This just in....literally! UPS just dropped off the left over merchandise from the TRANSATLANTIC EUROPE TOUR. Order now and you'll probably make delivery by Christmas (depending on where you live).

DESCRIPTION: The tour shirts are black (shock!) with the full color Transatlantic logo and the words "Bridge across Europe 2001" over the pocket and the band members names along with the tour dates on the back. Available in L, XL and Medium.

PRICE: $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

Be a proud owner of one of these RARE ITEMS and you can pretend you were there even if you weren't!!!



Happy happiness,
Radiant Records"

Transatlantic concert reviews at DPRP

Added on 12-11-2001
The Dutch Progressive Rock Page currently features five Transatlantic concert reviews of the following shows:
  • November 10th, The Astoria Theatre, London, UK
  • November 12th, 013, Tilburg The Netherlands
  • November 17th, Music Hall, Berlin, Germany

Transatlantic concert review at Rockezine

Added on 12-08-2001
The Rockezine website currently features a review of Transatlantic's concert at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands on November 12th, 2001. This concert was filmed for a future DVD release, and possibly a live CD and VHS release as well.

New interview with Mike Portnoy on DPRP!

Added on 11-23-2001
A new Transatlantic interview with Mike Portnoy by Jerry van Kooten and Hans van der Meer has just been added to the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. The interview was taken on November 12th, 2001, at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Temple of the Prog Gods

Added on 11-03-2001
A new Transatlantic interview with Neal Morse by Chris Ayers, entitled "Temple of the Prog Gods", can currently be found on

Low key Transatlantic warm up show in Oxford, UK

Updated on 10-03-2001
Transatlantic has added a small low key warm up show at the start of the Transatlantic Bridge Across Europe tour:

Friday November 9th 2001

The Zodiac
190 Cowley Road
Oxford OX4 1UE

Call +44 (0) 1865 420042 to order tickets for the Zodiac warm up show. Tickets are also available through the venue's website at

The times for the Oxford show will be as follows:

Doors: 7:00
On stage: 8:00
Curfew (strict): 10:30

Also, joining them on the entire Transatlantic tour as an extra "touring member" will be Daniel Gildenlow from Pain of Salvation. Daniel will do additional/backup guitars and vocals, and possibly even keyboards. Forever Crossing The Transatlantic Bridge

Added on 09-09-2001
A new article on Transatlantic, entitled "Forever Crossing The Transatlantic Bridge", can currently be found on

Pre-order the Limited Edition of "Bridge Across Forever" at Radiant Records

Added on 09-08-2001
Radiant Records is now taking pre-orders for both the regular version as well as the Limited Edition of Transatlantic's "Bridge Across Forever".

Pre-order Transatlantic's "Bridge Across Forever"!

Added on 08-31-2001
Transatlantic's "Bridge Across Forever" is now available for pre-ordering! The US release date is Tuesday, October 9th, 2001. Click here to pre-order your copy now!


Added on 08-20-2001
Check out the new Audio page for MP3 soundclips of Transatlantic's amazing upcoming studio album "Bridge Across Forever".

"Bridge Across Forever" limited edition artwork and tracklisting

Added on 07-29-2001
Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever (limited edition)

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CD 1:
  1. Duel With The Devil (26:43)
  2. Suite Charlotte Pike (14:30)
  3. Bridge Across Forever (5:33)
  4. Stranger In Your Soul (26:05)
CD 2
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  2. Studio Chat
  3. And I Love Her
  4. Smoke On The Water
  5. Dance With The Devil
  6. Roine's Demo Bits
  7. Interactive Section
The Limited Edition will be housed in a digi-book with a 28 page colour booklet and bonus CD containing an extra track, studio outtakes and video footage.

Release date: October 8th, 2001

"Bridge Across Forever" artwork and full tracklisting

Added on 07-03-2001
Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever

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  1. Duel With The Devil (26:43)
    1. motherless children
    2. walk away
    3. silence of the night
    4. you're not alone
    5. almost home
  2. Suite Charlotte Pike (14:30)
    1. if she runs
    2. mr. wonderful
    3. lost and found pt. 1
    4. temple of the gods
    5. motherless children / if she runs (reprise)
  3. Bridge Across Forever (5:33)
  4. Stranger In Your Soul (26:05)
    1. sleeping wide awake
    2. hanging in the balance
    3. lost and found pt. 2
    4. awakening the stranger
    5. slide
    6. stranger in your soul
Additional musicians:

Chris Carmichael - violin, viola & cello
Keith Mears - saxophone
The "Elite" Choir - background vocals

Produced by:


Release date: October 8th, 2001

Transatlantic 2 album title and tracklisting

Added on 06-22-2001
The upcoming Transatlantic album will be titled "Bridge Across Forever", and is scheduled for a release sometime in October (exact date still TBA).

Track listing is as follows:
  1. Duel with the Devil
  2. Suite Charlotte Pike
  3. Bridge Across Forever
  4. Stranger in Your Soul

Just like "SMPT:e", the album is self-produced and being mixed by Rich Mouser, and also contains cover artwork by Per Nordin.

Also, there will be a Limited Edition 2 CD version available which will contain a cover of Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" as well as studio outtakes and demos.

Pete talks about Transatlantic in Progressive World interview

Added on 06-16-2001
The following excerpt is taken (with permission) from a recent interview with Marillion with Progressive World's John "bo bo" Bollenberg:

If you take Transatlantic, that was fun to do and that was writing music which perfectly fit into that mould, as we kind of took our favourite bits of Yes or Genesis and put it into some kind of retro thing. As you know, we have finished recording the second Transatlantic studio album. We recorded it in Nashville in January. There was a substantial difference between the recording of the first and the second. I mean, for the first album we hadn't even met before, which was a bit awkward. The only way to make it work back then was to take one of Roine's songs and a couple of Neal's songs and record them, which was basically what we did. Because we also did some gigs together afterwards, we are now more of a band than before. For the second album, I had written some stuff as well. We got more time in the studio so we could arrange everybody's bits and pieces in a better way. Roine and Neal sent the members some CD-Rs of the ideas and songs they wanted to have on the new album. Meanwhile I wrote some bits which I thought Neal could do well on organ, and I wrote passages which I wanted Roine to play and in the end they did use a fair amount of my ideas as well, so I'm quite pleased. We're also all singing! Neal's got a good voice but if he sings too much on a Transatlantic album then it becomes too much like Spock's Beard [album], which is why I was keen for Roine and myself to add a little more singing. We had it mixed by the guy who mixed our first album, but we weren't very happy with it. At the moment we're thinking of having the album remixed. So much for solo stuff being fun [loud laughs all around]. The release date was August but was then moved to September and the last thing I've heard is that they moved it back to October, so maybe next year, who knows? Anyway, I've done my bit, so I can fully concentrate on Marillion again. There's no title for the album as yet, but I can give you a title of one of the songs which is 'Bridge Across Forever.' It's a nice little ballad, with piano and voice, which Neal has written. There's two songs which are nearly 30 minutes long and one song is 25 minutes long so it took us ages to wind the tape from one end to the other! It will be a single album with a bonus disc with lots of other stuff. Unlike Liquid Tension Experiment, it doesn't mean that this second album will be the final Transatlantic album. We haven't fallen out on each other enough, so we might continue [laughs]. We'll have to wait and see because everyone is so busy."

Source: Progressive World
Original article: "Please Leave Your Anorak In The Marillion Cloakroom"

More information on Transatlantic's cover of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

Added on 04-27-2001
As expected, the cover song that Transatlantic recorded on January 15th, 2001 (see our exclusive Studio Diary) is Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". The band didn't want to announce the name of the cover at the time, because they wanted to keep it a surprise for their performance at NAMM (a major dealer trade event) in Anaheim, CA, on January 20th, 2001.

According to Mike Portnoy it was specifically recorded as an extra track, which will most likely not be on the regular release, but will instead be used for another limited edition 2CD set.

The original version by Pink Floyd consists of nine parts. Five of them are located at the beginning of the "Wish You Were Here" album, and the remaining four parts are located at the end.

Transatlantic has rearranged the song by combining all parts and reducing the total time from 25 minutes to approximately 15 minutes. They also tried to make it sound more like a Transatlantic song, with a lot of jamming in the instrumental sections. According to Mike Portnoy, it came out awesome.

Source: Mike Portnoy

Transatlantic interview with Neal Morse in "Progressive Newsletter"

Added on 04-04-2001
Issue #35 (April 2001) of the German progressive fanzine "Progressive Newsletter" features an interview with Neal Morse about Transatlantic. For more information, please visit their website, which also contains excerpts from the interview.

Order the "Transatlantic Live In America" 2CD at Radiant!

Added on 02-25-2001
The new double CD "TRANSATLANTIC - LIVE IN AMERICA" is now available for pre-orders from Radiant Records. Mixed by Roine Stolt. Release date: March 12

Note: Not the same performance as the TRANSATLANTIC - LIVE IN AMERICA video.


This rare new double live CD from Transatlantic - "LIVE IN AMERICA" -- is really astounding. Not only do you get the feeling of being at one of their sold out American shows, but also the sound quality and musicianship are first rate. Recorded on their US mini-tour of the East coast, this set includes the best material from their first studio album, plus some very fun and surprising covers such as The Beatles' "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER" and Genesis' "FIRTH OF FIFTH." Most of all, these recordings present Transatlantic as a band, which is all too rare in this world abounding with side projects and solo albums. With "LIVE IN AMERICA," Transatlantic proves they are the real thing.

Exclusive interview with Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings

Added on 02-20-2001
The official Transatlantic site now features an exclusive interview with Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings by Jim Harrel.

The interview was done on February 17th, 2001, and contains candid inside information on Transatlantic and the inner-workings of the group.

Autographic Transatlantic CD auction at

Added on 02-18-2001
The NEARfest website is currently auctioning off a signed copy of the limited edition 2CD set of Transatlantic's "SMPT:e" in support of NEARfest 2001:
SMPT:e, Limited Edition: 2CD set with extensive bound booklet, signed in black marker by Neal Morse, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas and Mike Portnoy with a NEARfest 2001 dedication by each, near their respective photos on separate pages.

Auction Ends: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 at 9:00 pm EST.
Click here to go to their auction page.

"Transatlantic Live In America" tracklisting

Added on 02-13-2001
The tracklisting for "Transatlantic Live In America" will be as follows:

CD 1
  1. All Of The Above
  2. Mystery Train/Magical Mystery Tour/Strawberry Fields Forever
  3. We All need Some Light
CD 2
  1. Watcher Of The Skies/Firth Of Fifth
  2. My New World
  3. Medley:
    - There Is More To This World
    - Go The Way You Go
    - The Great Escape
    - Finally Free
    - She's So Heavy
Produced by:
Roine Stolt

Source: Inside Out Music

"Transatlantic Live In America" double album artwork and details

Added on 02-12-2001
On Monday, March 12th, 2001, Inside Out Music will be releasing a Transatlantic double live album entitled "Transatlantic Live In America". The recordings are from a different show than the "Transatlantic Live In America" video. The album will have a complete show from Transatlantic's mini tour in the US in June 2000. Below is the artwork and some more information from Inside Out Music:

"The millenium's first supergroup Transatlantic will release a double live album in March. Recorded on the band's tour of the US last year, the album features performances of material taken from their debut album as well as renditions of classic Genesis and Beatles material and a medley featuring songs from each members full time band! The band have just finished recording their second studio album, which is currently being mixed and it should see a release later in the year!"

Source: Inside Out Music

Transatlantic's album "SMPT:e" voted #1 in DPRPoll 2000!

Added on 02-06-2001
Transatlantic's album "SMPT:e" was voted number 1 in the annual poll of the popular Dutch Progressive Rock Page website!

Spock's Beard's album "V" came in at number 2, followed by The Flower Kings at number 3 with "Space Revolver".

Transatlantic 2 report from Roine Stolt

Added on 01-28-2001
Check out the Flower Power fan site for Roine's report of the Transatlantic 2 recordings.

Setlist for Transatlantic's NAMM appearance

Added on 01-21-2001
The setlist of Transatlantic's appearance at NAMM was as follows:
  1. All of the Above
  2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd)
  3. My New World

Information on Transatlantic NAMM appearance

Added on 01-08-2001
Transatlantic's NAMM appearance will take place on Saturday, January 20th, 2001, at 7pm at the following address:
Hilton California Room (C & D)
Anaheim Hilton
Anaheim, CA.
Tickets are available at the TAMA booth, but they are VERY limited. Unfortunately, this is a closed event. It is not open to the public and only NAMM members can attend.


Added on 01-04-2001
Recorded in Philadelphia in June of 2000, this new 2 hour video captures the power and emotion that is Transatlantic. This is a 3 camera professionally shot and edited video with extra added footage from Roine Stolt's personal camcorder. This is a full documentation of the band in their first year featuring performances from their first album , plus jams and classic covers such as "Firth of Fifth" and "Strawberry Fields Forever". If you couldn't be there this is the next best thing!!

Available for pre-orders now at Radiant Records.
Official release date: February 1, 2001


Transatlantic ryahoogroups in January / Special NAMM live appearance!

Updated on 12-31-2000
Transatlantic will regroup in January to record a second CD in Nashville. They will be working together in the studio for about ten days. Mike Portnoy has already received some rough demos from both Neal Morse and Roine Stolt, which include several very long epics.

The project will also be making a very special live appearance on Saturday, January 20th, 2001, at the NAMM show (a major dealer trade event) in Anaheim, CA.

Transatlantic live album and video!

Added on 11-28-2000
Transatlantic will be releasing a live album and video recorded during their short US summer tour earlier this year. The band's performance at the TLA in Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 21st will be used for the live video. Both the live CD and video will be released through Radiant Records.

Stay tuned for the final track listing, titles and release dates!

Transatlantic back together in January / Possible European tour

Added on 09-13-2000
The following is an excerpt of a recent interview with Roine Stolt that was posted on the Flower Power - The Official Flower Kings Fan site.
Transatlantic will be getting back together again in January.

Roine Stolt: I think we'll use it for recording. We could have played some more live gigs but recording is what everybody wanted to do. I think we'll be together for 2 weeks this time and lay down the basic tracks. The overdubs will be done in the spring and the mixing in the early part of the summer, so a release in the autumn should be realistic.

Transatlantic touring, especially for Europe?

Roine Stolt: We have spoken with an agency and I think the economics of it are good so it's mostly down to whether Mike can free himself from Dream Theater for a tour. I mean, it would be a proper tour, as short one admittedly but we would get a chance to play places in Italy, France, Switzerland, England perhaps two in Germany and Holland. Fingers crossed but it may happen.
Source: Flower Power - The Official Flower Kings Fan site

Transatlantic t-shirts and mouse pads available

Limited Edition Transatlantic t-shirts and mouse pads are now available through the Radiant Records website.

Transatlantic "930 Club" show broadcast archived!

The broadcast of Transatlantic's show at the "930 Club" in Washington, DC, has just been archived on The show will remain in their archives for the next two years.

Source: The Official Dream Theater Website

Transatlantic live broadcast on Saturday, June 24th!

Transatlantic's show at the "930 Club" in Washington, DC, on Saturday, June 24th, will be broadcast live on the Internet by If you won't be able to watch this live broadcast, don't worry. In about three weeks time, the Transatlantic show will be added to's archives, where it will be streamed on demand for the next two years!
"Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the lateness of this notice but this deal was just "inked" about 30 minutes ago:

I am happy to announce that TRANSATLANTIC's performance at the 930 Club in Washington DC this Saturday night will be broadcast live over the Internet. You can see and hear the concert by going to

Now, according to Digital Club Network you will need both Flash and RealPlayer G2 or 7 to view the site and the actual broadcast. Once installed you will go to, click on the "now playing" pull-down menu at the scheduled showtime and choose the TA show. This will then launch your "Go Live Player". Register as a new user if this is your first visit to the site and make a note of your password for the future. Wait for the "Go Live Player" to connect and buffer, then the player will stream the show live. Please note: These are the instruction that were given to me by DCN

The performance is currently scheduled to begin at 10:45pm sharp this Saturday night. Mastermind will be opening the show and are schedule to begin their set at 9:30 but - as of now - I am not sure if their set will be broadcast as well. I'll try to post an update to tomorrow when I know more.

Ain't technology wonderful ?!!! Enjoy the show.

All the best, Jim Pitulski"
Source: The Official Dream Theater Website

Confirmed Transatlantic live dates for the US

June 18  /  NEARFest / The Zoellner Arts Center  /  Bethlehem, PA
June 20  /  The Middle East  /  Cambridge, MA
June 21  /  Theater of the Living Arts  /  Philadelphia, PA
June 22  /  Toad's Place  /  New Haven, CT
June 23  /  Wetlands  /  New York, NY
June 24  /  The 930 Club  /  Washington, DC
September 1  /  ProgFest  /  Los Angeles, CA

The Transatlantic opening acts will be:

Boston - Mastermind
Philly - Echolyn
New Haven - Paranoise, Crucible
New York - Scott McGill's Hand Farm
DC - Mastermind

Source: The Official Dream Theater Website

Transatlantic to perform at ProgFest 2000 on September 1st, 2000

Transatlantic will be playing at ProgFest 2000, on Friday, September 1st. The two-day festival will take place in Los Angeles, California, and will feature the following bands:

Friday September 1, 2000
Transatlantic (USA, England, Sweden)
Kenso (Japan)
Codice (Mexico)

Saturday September 2, 2000
Banco (Italy)
Mona Lisa (France)
Tempus Fugit (Brazil)

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, April 1st, 2000. Ticket prices are $65 for a two-day pass, or $35 for each day. Spock's Beard will be doing a Pre-Progfest 2000 concert on Thursday, August 31st at The Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Source: The Official Dream Theater Website

Transatlantic release dates and Limited edition information

Here is the tracklisting for disc two of the limited edition version of Mike Portnoy's new Transatlantic project:
  1. My New World (Neal on leadvocals, different lyrics, alternative mix)
  2. We All Need Some Light (Roine on leadvocals, alternative mix)
  3. Honky Tonk Woman (Studio Jam)
  4. Oh Darling (Studio Jam)
  5. My Cruel World (Original demo)
  6. "Interactive section"
The European release date for both the regular (European) version and the Limited Edition is March 27th, 2000. For the UK, the release date for both versions is April 10th, 2000. The US release date for the regular (US) version is March 21st, 2000. The Limited Edition will be available in the US starting March 27th, 2000. You can already pre-order the regular US version from CDnow.

Source: Flower Power - the official Flower Kings magazine

Transatlantic Limited Edition / Possible European Shows

"Transatlantic, the newly formed supergroup featuring Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Neal Morse (Spock's Beard), Pete Trewavas (Marillion) & Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) will finally be released in Europe this coming March. The forthcoming album will be called SMPTe and will be released as both a regular and limited edition version. The limited edition version will be housed in a special digi-book package with a 32 page colour booklet and a bonus CD containing alternate versions and studio outtakes. The band have been booked to play this years NearFest in the US and are currently toying with the idea of playing some shows in Europe. Stay tuned for details!"

Album title and tracklisting for Transatlantic project

The album title for Mike Portnoy's upcoming "Transatlantic" project will be "SMPTe". According to a recent interview with Roine Stolt, the release date is March 8th, 2000. The tracklisting is as follows:
  1. All Of The Above
  2. Mystery Train
  3. My New World
  4. We All Need Some Light
  5. In Held (Twas) In I

Name for new project with Neal Morse: Transatlantic

Roine Stolt has confirmed that, after much discussion, the Morse / Portnoy / Stolt / Trewavas project is now officially titled Transatlantic (and not Second Nature, as was reported earlier).

Source: Flower Power - the official Flower Kings magazine

New project with Neal out around March / April 2000

The following information comes from Inside Out, the record label that will be releasing this project in Europe. However, according to Mike Portnoy, the name of the project is still not confirmed, and may not even be "Second Nature".
"Second Nature is the name of the newly formed supergroup featuring Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Neal Morse (Spock's Beard), Pete Trewavas (Marillion) and Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings). The band's debut album SMPT'e will be released through InsideOut around March/April 2000 and is a veritable feast of progressive rock at its best!"
Source: Inside Out

Morse/Portnoy/Trewavas/Stolt in the studio!

Mike Portnoy's side project with Neal Morse (Spock's Beard), Pete Trewavas (Marillion) and Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) entered the studio on Tuesday June 29th, 1999. They will be writing and recording at the Millbrook Studios (home of LTE and Platypus) through to July 6th. For more information, please visit the Official Dream Theater website or subscribe to the weekly Dream Theater newsletter by sending a blank email to

Neal Morse in Mike Portnoy's new supergroup

Mike Portnoy's side project with Neal Morse (Spock's Beard) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) is back on! This project was originally scheduled to take place in December 1998, with Jim Matheos of Fates Warning on guitar, but got put on the shelf due to the postponement of the Liquid Tension Experiment 2 recordings.

Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse and Pete Trewavas will be entering the studio with Flower Kings guitarist Roine Stolt at the end of June for approximately one week. There is no title for this project yet.  |  |  |  |  © 2000-2015 Mark Bredius